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The Fort Meade Spouses' Club provides social & cultural activities for our members as well as the Fort Meade Community.

Although the following groups are managed by our organization, you do not have to be a member to participate.

Click the links to join us today!

The goals of this club are not only to read and discuss books but to forge friendships and community ties with those who love to read. 
We meet the third Monday of each month for discussion. Check our Facebook for more information!

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The FMSC believes in making friends, building your community, taking time for yourself, and of course: breakfast food!
Kids are welcome, too! Check our Facebook for more information!

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Learning how to cook an enjoyable meal is an important and valuable skill. Food brings people together. The goals of this club are not only to cook meals but also to share culinary skills, and dedicate our time to build community.
Check our Facebook for upcoming events and shared recipes!

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Wine has a rich and detailed history, and we want to explore it with you. Join our tastings for education, exploration, and conversation!
New to wine? A seasoned sommelier? All in the Fort Meade area are welcome!
Drinking is not required -- we'd love your company. Check out our Facebook for more information!

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Do you enjoy low-risk games of chance? Does the thrill of rolling the dice call to you? Is this simple game a great chance to chat and hang out? Absolutely! Join us for Bunco nights!
Check out our Facebook group for upcoming events and information.

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Let's get outside and PLAY! Meeting bi-monthly at Burba Lake Park, our Playdate Club is a great place to let your little ones burn off some energy. Do you need crafting or activity ideas to keep your little ones entertained? Coloring pages to print? A place to celebrate  achievements or vent to fellow parents? You've found your people. 
Check our Facebook for meeting information!

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Want to get out and walk with friends? This social group is for you!  Walking in a group is a great way to get active, be accountable, and socialize. There are many physical and mental benefits to walking. We would love to have you join us! 
Check out our Facebook for meeting information!

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